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The Adventuress

1870 Cimarron, New Mexico


Former Texas Ranger, Nathaniel Wolfe, has a reputation as the country's most prolific gunslinger. Raised in a Spanish mission on the fringes of Cimarron in the New Mexico Territory, he knows what it's like to be an outcast. He's spent years carving out a name for himself, but someone's out to destroy him. When he joins forces with the Pinkerton Agency as an undercover priest, all goes as planned until he crosses paths with the spitfire daughter of Augus Jamison.


Jessa Jamison has a serious adversion to fast guns and is intent on nabbing the ruthless outlaw who gunned down her father. Certain she's found an advocate in the tall cleric, she soon struggles with feelings of guilt brought on by her unfortunate attraction to the handsome stranger.


As they inch closer to the truth, they discover corruption in the Territory runs deep and no one is beyond suspicion. Soon the imposter strikes again and Nathan is captured at the scene of the crime. It's up to Jessa to listen to her heart and prove his innocence before it's too late. 

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So excited to announce THE SONGSTRESS is a winner in the Inspirational Fiction catagory for the prestigious Will Rogers Medallian Award which recognizes excellence in Western literature and media!

As a Texas girl, I'm over the moon excited about this honor!


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Look for Book Two, THE ADVENTURESS, available now!


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